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Founded in 1982, Digital Matrix Systems (DMS) is a leading risk management solution provider that helps clients leverage the power of data to make better-informed business decisions. DMS delivers secure access to consumer and commercial credit bureaus, as well as specialty data providers. As a reliable partner, DMS helps leading companies predict and manage risk in a variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, and brokerage services. We specialize in: Data Access, Data Source Evaluation, Analytics, Attributes, Information Storage, Credit Decisioning, Scoring Models, Merge Benefit Analysis, Data Management, and Risk Management. DMS focuses on providing enterprise-level Access, Storage, and Analytics, with an emphasis on delivering exceptional solutions to clients in the financial services, insurance and brokerage service industries. We can help extend the useful life of your existing systems, make improvements to processes and infrastructure, and bring on cutting edge changes more easily. Let us apply our expertise to your business goals and jump start your digital transformation.

Services Offered

Analytics and Risk Management

Companies across North America have trusted Digital Matrix Systems (DMS) to make effective business decisions for thirty-seven years. Driven by data and the power it holds for our clients, we strive to help leading institutions extract value from data so they can make the best-informed decisions for their business. With an emphasis on risk management, our team develops products and services that support the entire data management lifecycle, from access and storage to analytics. Our goal is to be a trusted advisor to our clients regardless of their unique business needs, helping to improve efficiency, increase profitability, and lower risk through the effective management of data.

Risk Management Software

Digital Matrix Systems offers a variety of platforms that are proven to effectively support risk management processes, including Data Access Point™ and CreditBrowser®. Data Access Point™ is a cutting-edge connectivity hub that links clients to key decision data sources with a single inquiry and delivers the data within a standard XML format. This eliminates redundant data and makes data management even easier. Data Access Point™ is an enterprise-level solution that provides centralized access to data sources that are needed throughout the customer lifecycle, including marketing, application, policy, fraud detection, Know Your Customer (KYC), and account management. We make it easy for our clients to add additional data sources as business needs dictate, more quickly and cost-effectively than they can typically do on their own. Data Access Point™ also acts as an interface between multiple lines of business, loan origination systems, and external data sources. CreditBrowser® is a flexible and customizable interface that provides clients with easy access to multiple data sources and reports, empowering them to efficiently make the best possible decisions. This web-based data access tool eliminates the need for additional software, instead enabling report access via standard Internet browsers for an intuitive experience with streamlined navigation. Delivery of complete, accurate and easy-to-read credit reports reduces errors and improves readability of business-critical information. Security is self-administered and includes access to specific report type, bureaus, IP ranges, time of day and day of the week, as well as other guidelines that can be set by the administrator. CreditBrowser® proves to be an outstanding base for enhanced underwriting, collections, human resources, balance transfer, skip tracing, and regulatory review activities.

Scoring and Modeling

Clear lending policy, clean data attribution and accurate scoring model implementations represent the foundation of solid credit granting and underwriting decisions. Companies can apply statistical methods to develop scoring models that fulfill their organization’s credit risk policies, but these models are only as good as the underlying data used in the analysis. DMS focuses on the access, attribution and understanding of data sources, enabling our clients’ modeling teams to focus their expertise on their core business. CreditAnalyst™ makes it easy to create and deploy credit attributes and scorecards for automated decisioning, risk assessment and probability calculations. This model development tool gives users the ability to easily create, compile, test and deploy credit attributes and scorecards without software changes. Custom attributes and scorecards generated in CreditAnalyst™ can be applied to an applicant population, and users can view credit bureau data, calculated values, and output results for analysis in SAS®. CreditAnalyst™ can be installed as a stand-alone package or a networked version accessible by multiple analysts with shared libraries. Risk variable development is facilitated through the integration of raw data storage and real-time script execution over development and test populations. DMS supports full model development activities including origination, retention, and pricing model development. Our Decision Science team has extensive experience meeting the risk management needs of the largest bank, credit card, and insurance companies in North America.