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MicroBilt Corporation designs, develops, markets, licenses and supports a wide range of integrated risk management reporting, decision and analysis solutions for small and medium-sized Enterprises. MicroBilt has a well-earned reputation as a responsible fiduciary of highly sensitive personal data for many of the leaders in our industry. We combine our own proprietary data with federal, state and third-party sources to provide the most accurate, extensive and timely data available. We’ve built sophisticated systems for keeping our data fresh and accurate and powerful predictive models for making decisions around lending, leasing, collections and risk management.

Services Offered

Analytics and Risk Management

MicroBilt is the leading provider of alternative consumer data for underwriting and risk management. With over 35 years of experience, a powerful mix of public, private and proprietary data, and innovative analytical software, MicroBilt has been a recognized pioneer in credit and risk management. Products cover the full cycle of business from vetting to originations to recovery.

Credit Reporting

For the finance industry, MicroBilt offers comprehensive credit solutions from origination to collection. MicroBilt delivers a complete suite of data products that support the entire finance process, from loan originations and background checks to fraud detection, collections, and regulatory compliance. MicroBilt’s products are available through a single convenient online portal.

Scoring and Modeling

With PRBC alternative credit scoring you can now assess the creditworthiness and ability to pay of the 100 million people who have no traditional credit history on file with the traditional credit houses.