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FNI provides vehicle (auto, motorcycles/powersports, RV) consumer and portfolio protection product solutions and consumer protection compliance consulting to finance companies around the country. FNI's "Take the High Road" tagline means that FNI products and services are expertly vetted, implemented and managed with a focus on consumer satisfaction, client profitability and minimizing compliance and regulatory risks.

Services Offered

Compliance Consulting

FNI specializes in protection product compliance issues and essential compliance services are included with product programs designed and managed by FNI. FNI also offers on-site consumer protection risk assessments for vehicle and consumer loan providers; compliance policy development and process documentation; compliance training; and special compliance projects including support for vendor management issues and assistance with regulatory examinations/investigations and consumer protection litigation.

Vehicle Service Contracts

Managing Vehicle Service Contract, GAP and protection product program performance in today's regulatory environment demands a closer analysis of product value, internal product and vendor management processes, and product point of sale procedures. FNI product programs provide exceptional consumer and collateral protection benefits together with cutting edge FNI compliance services and training for maximum program performance and minimum risk.