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FICO (NYSE:FICO) is a leading analytics software company, helping companies in the automotive ecosystem drive optimized, data-driven decisions in real-time. FICO’s groundbreaking AI, machine learning and predictive analytics software are transforming vehicle finance in areas such as collections & recovery, loan origination, fraud prevention, cyber security and risk management, customer communications, credit decisioning, pricing optimization, alternative deal structure and marketing. FICO Open Access program enables lenders to share the FICO Score with their customers to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction in a step to greater transparency and education. FICO’s technology is used globally by leading captives and independent auto lenders to improve operational fitness, profitability, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction through meaningful, actionable, data-driven analytics. To learn more, visit

Services Offered

Analysis and Risk Management

Prevent, detect, and resolve financial fraud across all channels. Discover social network relationships to deliver actionable fraud analytics. Identify fraud, maintain compliance, manage cybersecurity, and build a strong security score. Continually improve decision strategies—on a flexible, analytics-driven platform. Tailor scorecards with predictive variables for auto risk.

Pricing Optimization Software

Deliver precise, value-based decisions at the origination stage using: analytics, optimization, compliance, and communication. Manage risk, engage customers, and generate alluring alternative deals. Author, manage, govern, execute, learn, and continually improve decision strategies—on a flexible, analytics-driven platform.

Risk Management Software

Integrate marketing and originations with advanced analytics, decisioning, and customer-centric communications. Identify and target those customers and prospects who are most likely to accept an offer and be approved. Deliver risk-aware marketing, prescreen, and demand generation. Unify debt management. Design and deploy granular, data-driven treatment strategies.