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Dasceq help companies transform their operations, reduce their cost and solve the complexities of debt collections for a better consumer experience. With our SmartAI framework, analytical solutions and rich partner ecosystem, our customers can run operations more efficiently, accelerate decision making, and gain a competitive edge while simplifying their debt collection strategy. Personalized and consistent consumer experience with reduced mitigation and custom- made account treatment are the core benefits of integrating Dasceq's +1000 in-built variable-powered engine to the in-house system. Dasceq empowers you to get over legacy systems and have robust data-driven software to predict payments – faster and efficient. Further, it enables your team to adhere to the regulatory framework with ease, ensuring every customer is treated individually and fairly.

Services Offered

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

DigiConnct™ - Offering Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solutions to help improve recovery rates, while simultaneously improving the brand experience and customer loyalty. A one-stop solution for debt collection, which includes data enrichment module sources, accelerated Digital streamlines and simplified marketing data collection, connection and distribution across all channels and devices.

Business Process Improvement

Business Intelligence offshoring - From addressing customer needs to having the right architecture to support them, an offshore team for business intelligence and analytics is the backbone of the various verticals of the business and plays a crucial role in defining it. Dasceq helps in end-to-end team integration and management in India and facilitates a high-skilled team of data scientist and analyst to work in the onsite hours for easy transition and monitoring.

Collections and Recovery Software

Dasceq Personalized Recommendation Engine (RE)™ - From AI Powered Algorithms to Individualized Collection Treatment: Dasceq RE™ delivers next best action to engage delinquent customers based on risk, consumer behavior to reduce collection cost and improve $$ collected. Dasceq CPTE™ automatically detects consumer intent, connection channel preferences, riskiness and best next action based on thousands of factors. Let AI personalize the interaction beyond handful of rules.