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F&I Sentinel is the automotive industry's leading compliance and regulatory risk mitigation solutions provider. F&I Sentinel provides integrated solutions for vehicle finance companies that are faced with what seems to be the insurmountable task of navigating the complex regulatory waters surrounding the financing of F&I products. F&I Sentinel continuously monitors marketplace developments across the United States to ensure that F&I products comply with corporate financing requirements, meet fiscal viability standards, and provide value to the consumer.

Services Offered

Compliance Consulting

Our agility and adaptability in the ever-changing F&I products regulatory environment have made us a market leader. We help ensure that your loan portfolio does not include F&I products that would unnecessarily expose your company to increased regulatory risk of adverse action. Our integrated solutions assist vehicle finance companies manage this risk by providing expert consulting services to help your company navigate the complexities surrounding the financing of F&I products.

Compliance Management Systems (CMS)

F&I Sentinel's CITADEL® is an efficient turn-key compliance solution that protects finance companies, dealers, and consumers by mitigating the reputational, financial, litigation, and regulatory risks connected with the sale and financing of vehicle F&I products. All F&I products in CITADEL® have undergone a rigorous credentialing process to ensure compliance with the finance company's minimum requirements for funding. CITADEL® is accessible 365/24/7, providing the finance company with access to complete copies of all F&I product forms.

Insurance Products

Combining 50 years of experience in crafting and constructing legislation around F&I products for the automotive industry. Trusted custodians within the F&I product arena, we strive to ensure lenders, dealers, providers and consumers receive reputable products that deliver true value. Proactively monitoring state and federal proposed legislation that potentially impacts the marketing, sales, and servicing of F&I products