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CDYNE is a premier provider of Data Quality and Communications Web Services. Our services employ API technology to ensure cross-platform capability and easy integration with our users’ systems. Our APIs can be used to help prevent fraud in real-time, scrub and enhance data, or allow fast and easy contact in any situation. CDYNE’s Web Services automatically process information from our vast databases that are constantly updated to have the most current information available. CDYNE’s transaction-based billing model saves money—clients pay for only what is used, with no hidden fees and are guaranteed 99.9% uptime according to our SLA. CDYNE serves numerous industries, including e-commerce/retail, sales/marketing, insurance, government, healthcare, and finance.

Services Offered

Mobile and Digital Process Services

The CDYNE Phone Notify! API is a hosted, programmable XML Web Service designed to enable any business application to implement phone numbers, voice calls, conference calls, or send and receive up to 12,000 tier-1 quality phone calls per minute using text to speech, recorded files, or both. CDYNE's Phone Notify! API delivers clear voice calls over its owned network of geographically dispersed server farms.

Text Messaging Services

SMS Notify! is a lightning-fast, programmable SMS API designed to reliably send and receive messages globally. All at the world’s most cost-effective pricing. Dash Notify is an out-of-the-box text messaging platform that doesn’t require programming and makes text marketing easier for companies large and small.

Verifications Services Outsourcing

Save time, money and resources by verifying addresses for deliverability before mailings or packages are sent out. PAV helps businesses ensure data quality for all US customers. Fast and accurate phone number validation for your database. Add Phone Verify at point of entry to clean data, prevent fraud or use it for batch process to remove incorrect phone numbers and add other related information.