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Indirect auto lenders are able to straight-through process and instantly board deal jackets using Informed’s AI that previously required manual reviews. The result is improved capture rate, faster funding, freed-up staff, and better compliance with policies & procedures.

Services Offered

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Informed.IQ uses AI and ML to instantly verify income, assets, residence, insurance, auto/credit stipulations, enabling real-time, reliable credit decisions without bias. We process hundreds of document types and consumer-permissioned data sources, automating stipulation clearance. In 2021, Informed processed 3.4+ million consumer credit applications, automating $110+ billion in loan originations to date. The solution automates verifications with 99% accuracy in seconds.

Fraud Prevention Software

Informed’s fraud detection informs lenders – with 99% accuracy – if a fraudulent pay stub is submitted, savings billions in fraud losses for lenders and dealers. Through collaboration with consortiums, analyzing millions of documents and providing a feedback loop to our lenders, we consistently enhance our fraud prevention. Informed’s Knowledge Graph engines use AI/ML to detect fraudulent paystubs and flag potential applicant income mis-statements reducing losses.

Loan Originations Systems

Applied intelligence and decisions: Income, identity & employment data collected and uploaded are applied to complex calculations ensuring accuracy according to your underwriting and funding rules. Decisions, analysis, extracted data, and collected documents are passed back to your LOS or our stand-alone graphical interface allowing funders and analysts the ability to manually review, request documents for straight-through processing and operational optimization.