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Green Dot Corporation is a financial technology leader and bank holding company with a mission to power the banking industry’s branchless future. The Green Dot platform boasts a powerful payment disbursements engine and a 100,000+ location nationwide cash acceptance network that enables partners such as providers of consumer credit and installment loan products to better serve their customers. It is designed to benefit any business in need of making payments and disbursements by cutting costs, improving efficiency, and increasing choice. Through Green Dot, ASFA-member firms have the ability to replace checks or other outdated payment forms, reducing costs, increasing speed and improving customer satisfaction. The disbursement methods available include payments via a newly-issued Green Dot debit cards or rapid! PayCard accounts, instant funding to existing debit cards, prepaid cards or online wallets, cash pickup at a local retailer, standard or same-day ACH transfers to bank accounts, and even paper checks when needed, empowering businesses with one platform to meet all their disbursement needs.

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