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Credit Bureau 2.0® by Trust Science offers fully compliant credit scoring with superior predictive power over traditional credit assessments (FICO, Vantage, etc.), helping lenders find and lend to the over USD $141B market of Hidden Primes™ wrongly scored as subprime. With Auto Bureau™, all types of automotive lenders gain specialized models that considers unique deal/asset parameters for optimized ROI/ROA, including pre- and post-approval workflows. Backed by a team of PhD-level data scientists and subprime specialists with virtual loans officer capabilities, gain faster, better, and operationalized credit decisions at all stages of the loan life cycle. Lenders are also able to get lead management that applies a credit risk lens and can prequalify prospects to optimize marketing spend on the leads that matter the most. Stop missing and dismissing qualified borrowers with fair and accurate credit scoring by Trust Science today.

Services Offered

Analytics and Risk Management

Over 20% of Americans are wrongly scored as subprime by the conventional bureau, into an Invisible Prime™ market valued over $141B. Credit Bureau 2.0® by Trust Science leverages the power of statistical learning, explainable AI, and alternative data into a fully compliant credit scoring platform that allows lenders to get better, more predictive credit insights, even with thin-file and underbanked applicants. Reduce risk, book more high-quality loans, and improve ROI/ROA with Trust Science today.

Lead Generation

Using Credit Bureau 2.0’s® powerful credit scoring platform, Trust Science helps lenders apply a credit risk lens to their marketing efforts, enabling them to prequalify targets and optimize their vast marketing spending by focusing on the leads that matter. Start taking full advantage of your credit scoring insights and marketing budget today, with Trust Science’s credit risk-based direct marketing and lead generation/management solutions.

Scoring and Modeling

Using the power of alternative data, statistical learning and explainable AI, Credit Bureau 2.0® by Trust Science offers fully compliant credit scoring with superior predictive power compared to traditional credit models (FICO, Vantage, etc.) for optimized ROI/ROA. With Auto Bureau™, gain a model specialized to automotive lending with deal/asset parameter considerations. Stop missing and dismissing over 20% of Americans wrongly scored as subprime and start lending to the over $141B market of Invisible Primes™ today.