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Lightico accelerates customer financial transactions by empowering lenders and banks with technology to streamline customer-facing processes. Lightico’s technology enables real-time customer collaboration to remove operational friction, accelerate sales and service requests and address costly CX gaps by enabling customers to instantly complete processes. With Lightico, while on a call, customers digitally sign documents, complete forms, share documents, verify their ID, see and share media and process payments securely. Lightico’s solution streamlines company processes and improves customer experience in the critical last mile of customer journeys.

Services Offered

Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)

Lightico's real-time customer collaboration platform empowers your agents to collect forms, documents, e-signatures, photos, consent to disclosures and to verify ID instantly while they have customers on the phone.

Forms Software

With Lightico, customers can instantly complete and sign simplified forms in real-time from any device instead of downloading, printing, filling, scanning and faxing complex forms.

Sales Support Software

With Lightico’s solution, lenders are able to improve sales rates, accelerate cycle times, reduce their overhead and compliance costs, and enjoy more loyal customers.