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Lightico is an award-winning SaaS platform that empowers lenders to accelerate their customer journeys through automated workflows. With the Lightico Digital Completion Cloud™, companies leverage no-code workflows to easily collect customer eSignatures, stips, documents, and payments, and authenticate ID in real time — straight from the customer’s smartphone. By unifying steps of customer-facing processes, lenders enjoy faster and shorter origination and servicing cycles, boost NPS, and significantly improve their completion rates. Hundreds of enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies in highly regulated industries such as finance, insurance, and telecommunications, rely on Lightico to make their customer journeys more efficient and streamlined.

Services Offered

Forms Software

User-friendly digital forms provide customers with an intuitive interface so they can complete all the required information correctly the first time, eliminating rework and chasing. Digital forms simplify the paperwork that often slows processes and frustrates customers and employees.

Loan Servicing Software

Lightico streamlines loan servicing and collections processes by making them instant, mobile-friendly and effortless for both customers and agents. Dynamic workflows automate processes to ensure that all ID and supporting documents are submitted and verified, forms are correctly completed the first time, and payments and ACH authorizations are collected instantly. This accelerates processes, reduces errors, removes rework and shortens service and collections cycles - significantly improving the customer experience.

Sales Support Software

Speed up Time to Funding by Collecting Stips in Real Time. Customers quickly and easily provide supporting documentation from their smartphones. Reduce call handling time and time to funding and free your agents to better serve your customers.