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LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS is a technology products and services company built on the foundation of care, understanding, innovation, and speed. It specializes in loan origination for subprime/nearprime automotive lending institutions, regional banks, and credit unions. Its product offerings include appTRAKERTM LOS for indirect automotive lending as well as consumer direct lending and leasing, myDEALER.CARE dealer relationship management system, and myACCOUNT.CARE customer self-service and communication solution. LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS has service offerings aimed at helping its clients with projects related to data analytics, data integration, telephony, and custom web development. Learn more at or call 877.5LNCHER. Follow LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS on LinkedIn at

Services Offered

Forms Software

appTRAKER DOCS is a document management system used within appTRAKER LOS that can be integrated with any indexing and scanning system where lenders can securely and digitally receive documents with the ability to trigger specific workflows based on stip capture and more.

Loan Originations Systems

LOS for direct, indirect, and leasing!

Text Messaging Services

appTRAKER CONNECT (Unified Communication Solution) is an integrated communications solution within appTRAKER Loan Originations System that seamlessly supports two-way communications between lenders and their dealers and customers.