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Lendisoft is an end-to-end loan management suite with a Risk Management set of solutions not available with other LMS and LOS products. Our solutions are delivered via a SaaS/Subscription model and priced based upon the volume of accounts. Our Risk Management services are designed to complement the Lendisoft solutions and focused on driving a highly profitable loan portfolio.

Over 30 years of experience, commitment and passion have been engineered into Lendisoft strategy. Our Risk Management strategies have proven to result in 30% greater monthly performance.

Services Offered

Loan Originations Systems

Lendisoft Loan Origination Solution (LOS) is perhaps the most advanced loan origination platforms in the industry. Designed as a highly configurable enterprise solution, Lendisoft LOS is poised to answer your most complex loan origination and risk management needs.

Loan Servicing Software

Lendisoft Loan Management Solution (LMS) is an end-to-end loan management suite of solutions with an integrated set of Risk Management tools centered on driving greater monthly performance. The Lendisoft solution is delivered through a SaaS subscription model with APIs that complement and broaden performance.

Risk Management Software

Lendisoft Risk Management Tools and Consulting have been developed with over 30 years of expertise, passion and commitment. These tools and features are integrated throughout our LOS and LMS products, enhancing productivity and effectiveness and delivering competitive advantage.