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Dynamic Vertical Solutions / CBD CREDIT / Creative Business Decisions Nanda, Pat

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CBD CREDIT is a leading credit decision management solutions company, headquartered in Princeton, NJ. Over the last three decades we have developed and provided over 300 scoring models to companies in various verticals including banks, community banks, retailers and specialty retailers, auto finance companies across the credit spectrum, consumer finance companies and utilities. Notable clients include US Bank, Mercedes Benz, Nationwide Auto finance, GAFCO, Castle credit, Yamaha and Verizon. These models have been both generic and custom and are for upfront credit evaluation and behavioral analysis particularly for collection scoring. We use alternative data as necessary, particularly for thin file and no file applications. We also deploy our models through a web service and an LOS, and are integrated with several LOS systems including Defi, TCI, FNI, Gold point, Launcher and many other home grown systems. Our latest foray into AI/mc learning algorithms uses champion/challenger strategies on an ongoing basis to use the best alternative algorithm at any time

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