DataOceans Buckley, Lawrence

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DataOceans customer communications technology and best practices support Financial Service organizations in a comprehensive customer communications platform. Our technology automates and tracks origination letters, servicing communications, and notifications/alerts, driving personalization and efficiencies throughout the customer life-cycle. DataOceans can Launch in as few as 30 days and deliver cost savings while improving customer experience and servicing effectiveness.

Services Offered

Document Processing & Imaging Outsourcing

Centralize document processing from originations to payoffs and everything in-between. DataOceans allows lenders to orchestrate all touchpoints within one system, simplifying compliance and servicing. Deliver interactive, personalized messaging in all channels.

Electronic Bill Presentment Services

Reduce print and postage expense through eDelivery and omni-channel capabilities, including SMS. Drive digital engagement and self-service utilization to improve customer experience.

Print & Mail Services

Optimize your print production operations and costs while focusing on delivering the best customer experience, regardless of delivery channel.