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MBSi’s solutions connect every phase of the repossession lifecycle – from assignment to recovery to remarketing – in one ecosystem that delivers information instantly from the office to the field. Lenders prevent wrongful repossessions, recover assets efficiently and are always prepared for vendor audits with Recovery Connect™ and ComplianceMadeEasy™ from MBSi.

Services Offered

Collections and Recovery Software

Recovery Connect™ is a mobile app connecting every phase of the repossession life-cycle by providing real-time account status from customer service agents directly to agents in the field. With the mobile app and direct web service connections to the largest national forwarders, assignment updates are immediately delivered to lenders to prevent wrongful repossessions, initiate the NOI process, and verify assets are stored in an inspected lot.

Compliance Management Systems (CMS)

Compliance Made Easy™ is fully integrated compliance management system that allows companies to systematically validate and ensure that every recovery agent servicing an assignment meets strict compliance requirements as set by the lender. Lenders have complete visibility into each compliance requirement at the agent and employee level of their recovery network.