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Branch is a tech-forward company led by insurance industry veterans from the largest insurance companies in the country. Branch started because we knew there were so many ways to make insurance better by offering the easiest buying experience, creative customer discounts, and above all, restoring insurance back to its original intent: to be your best friend on your worst day. We refer to this as getting back to getting each other's backs.

Services Offered

Insurance Products

Branch removes all the friction to getting you covered. Simply input your name & address, we tap into secure databases to collect your info and give you a price. Review, customize, and checkout. It's as easy as that!

Lead Generation

In addition to its unprecedented geographic and team growth, Branch's embedded insurance partner ecosystem continues to blossom as it offers instant insurance in moments consumers need it most. Branch has already partnered with key industry players across the mortgage, auto, and home security industries to make it even more convenient for consumers to save on insurance.

Reporting and Analysis Software

Using our state of the art tech, Branch integrates our API’s into our partners customer flow. This allows a seamless process for the customer to get a real, and immediate insurance offer. With a simple name and address, we can pull multiple data points about the customer and their property.