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Flagstar Bank is a leading regional bank headquartered in NY with over $100 billion in assets and a robust Corporate Banking Division. Within Corporate Banking, we focus on lending verticals that meet the specialized needs of our clients. Our Lender Finance Group, for example, delivers tailored solutions to non-bank specialty lenders through reliable execution in revolving and warehouse lines of credit, transaction structures, and permanent capital. Our products and capabilities run deep and include securitizations, refinances, and recapitalizations. Whatever your business—consumer finance, leasing, indirect sales, etc.,—we do it. Unlock your growth by tapping into our resources. Our bankers, with decades of experience across a range of industries, are ready to work with you.

Services Offered

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Products & Capabilities – • Revolving and warehouse lines of credit • Securitizations • Treasury management • Banking services • Capital markets; Transaction Types – • Change of control • Corporate divestitures • Add-on acquisitions • Recapitalizations • Refinancings; Acumen & Experience – • Combined industry experience of 100+ years • Adaptable, delivering an advantage no matter the category • Personalized to your needs and designed to drive your growth