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Having been in the automotive industry since 1955, Black Book continues to innovate to serve the evolving needs of our customers. While Black Book continues to leverage our core competencies in automotive expertise and data, we have evolved into an advanced data and analytics company. We’ve gone from analog to digital, from regional to national, from a guidebook to innovative data and insights, from accurate to precise VIN-specific valuations, and from current values to advanced residual value modeling. We have the most precise and actionable data on the market to accurately measure and reduce risk in your business. Black Book exists to provide data and insights that allow you to make more intelligent, more profitable decisions each day. The Black Book Lender Solutions team is focused on serving the needs of all auto lenders through the innovative products they offer, like Asset Verification Tool, Enhanced Vehicle Matching, ValuEngine, and more.

Services Offered

Analytics and Risk Management

Black Book data and analytics can help you take a 360° view approach to your opportunity versus risk analysis. Our data is essential to analyzing the trends and factors that can affect your growth and profitability. We offer insights from an overall portfolio perspective, down to specific vehicles and segments, along with custom analytics to help reduce risk and increase profitability.

Scoring and Modeling

Black Book’s team of editors, data scientists, and analysts provide you with an endless number of uses for our industry-leading data. Let us know how we can help – or let us show you what we’ve done for the hundreds of businesses who rely on the ingenuity of Black Book each day.

Vehicle Valuation and History Reports

Black Book provides the industry’s most relied upon vehicle valuation data. To offer more precise VIN-specific valuations, Black Book now sources and integrates vehicle history report (VHR) data from AutoCheck® into each of our valuations. Our analytics team analyzes millions of vehicle transactions to create a model that provides a History Adjusted Valuation based on the VHR.