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Megasys is the leader in complete loan servicing systems for the consumer finance industry for over 35 years. We provide customizable software platforms for finance companies of every size, from startup businesses to major corporations. Our clients service 2 million active accounts and processed over 1 million applications, with $8 billion in transactions. Omega is a user–friendly browser–based solution that streamlines account servicing operations. Our total solution includes loan origination, loan servicing, collections, reporting, and document storage. Omega includes our own integrated and intuitive General Ledger and Accounts Payable systems with drill–down capability, making Omega the most complete package available for a consumer finance company.

Services Offered

Loan Originations Systems

Omega Originations streamlines your credit application process and provides access to all consumer credit repositories. Features include unlimited loan programs, detail verification, stipulation tracking, and loan modifications, along with filtering capability for an efficient work-flow process. Approved applications are transferred seamlessly to Omega Servicing

Loan Servicing Software

Omega Servicing handles every aspect of the loan life cycle, from booking to closing. Track payment details, collection notes, insurance policies, recoveries and more, all in one intuitive screen. Integrated GL and AP systems, task manager work-flow, robust reporting, and secure document storage are just a few of the included features.