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Jericho Information Technology has been providing Enterprise Analytics, Risk Management, Contact Management, Benchmarking, Compliance & Complaint solutions to financial institutions for over ten years. Jericho provides an architecture to combine data from multiple sources and provide our clients with an accurate multi-dimension view of the results. Our clients enjoy a single platform with a high ROI that supplies critical information to everyone in the organization. Jericho also offers a full line of services for implementation, training, and support for all of our software products. Please contact us to see why so many lenders in the United States and Canada trust Jericho to support their complex data requirements.

Services Offered

Analytics and Risk Management

Jericho provides Enterprise Multi-Dimensional Analytics and Risk Management solutions by combining data from multiple legacy systems. Configurable views, reports, trends, alerts, goals and more are delivered in real time to every level of the organization. Monitor sales activity, credit decisions, portfolio performance, calling activity, Dealer profitability and much more in real time.


Touchstone is the newest product to the Jericho solutions for Indirect Auto Lenders. Touchstone provides benchmarking metrics in an online application including metrics for Originations, Credit, and Performance. Jericho developed Touchstone at the request of our client base and now offers participation in the platform to all Indirect Auto Lenders.

Compliance Management Systems (CMS)

Enterprise Compliance Management Solution and Supporting Services • Policy Library Management • Policy-Driven Compliance Action Workflow • Workflow t Templates and Checklists • Links to External Inputs such as Counselor law • CFPB-complaint Vendor Management • Call Monitoring • Learning Management • Complaint Management with root-cause analysis • Configurable