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There is power in partnership. Allied Solutions and Securian Financial partner to provide relevant, compliant solutions for consumer and auto finance companies. With our consultative approach and commitment to the market, we offer our clients a comprehensive product suite of claims, insurance, lending, marketing, and risk management services. Securian Financial has $106 billion in assets under management, $1.4 trillion of insurance in force, and serves 21 million customers across North America. Together, Allied and Securian boast 100+ years of industry experience.

Services Offered

Analytics and Risk Management

Central to Allied Solutions' analytics and risk management processes is Refund Plus, which provides an end-to-end ancillary product refund solution from triggering event to dealer follow-up. Regulators are evaluating creditors’ policies and practices related to refunds of ancillary products upon early termination of the underlying contracts. Allied offers the solution of choice and as such, has been recognized by the industry with Innovation Awards and preferred partner statuses.

Claims Processing Services

Allied Solutions' REPO Plus program provides a compliant and efficient process for the recovery of damages related to vehicle repossession. We identify vehicles with physical damage and negotiate with outside insurance carriers for recovery of this damage.

Insurance Tracking Services

Allied Solutions' insurance tracking and recovery departments effectively monitor insurance on your loan portfolio and pursue damage on your repossessed collateral, helping lower your deficiency balances and ensure your collateral is protected.