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Capstone is a global, policy-driven strategy firm helping corporations and investors navigate policy and regulatory issues around the world. With locations in Washington, DC, London, Houston, and Sydney we have intimate knowledge of developments in Washington, London, Brussels, and other centers of government, and how crucial those developments are to corporations and industry. Legislation, regulatory reforms, and new federal oversight are affecting industries in evolving ways. We help our clients predict policy, quantify impact of that policy, and recommend revenue-driving strategies to companies and institutional investors regarding state, federal, and international policy. Our breadth of coverage is wide-ranging, with leading coverage of public policy driven decision making affecting financial and business services, energy and environment, healthcare, TMT, and more.

Services Offered

Compliance Consulting

Capstone helps clients navigate complex regulatory and compliance challenges, mitigating risk and shaping strategy for companies and investors.

Investment Banking

Capstone is a global, policy-driven advisory firm helping corporations and investors navigate policy and regulatory issues. In the consumer finance market, where we specialize, we are often engaged as independent advisors during M&A transactions.

Strategy & Marketing Consulting

Capstone serves as "eyes and ears" on key federal and state regulatory developments. We help clients predict regulatory and policy trends of interest and navigate new business challenges, such as validating a strategic shift or acquisition